Desmond E. Hunt

A Philadelphia native who's settled in the Dallas Metroplex found his passion for photography in high school. He was shooting random photos for the Ranchview High School year book with a Canon Powershot; that he won in a Microsoft Entrepreneurship contest. He realized then that he would eventually allow his gift to make room for him.

As time went on he graduated from the University of North Texas and his love for photography always rested dormant until 2013. Desmond said, "I Do" to the woman (Brittny) of his dreams and captured some of his first photos with his Canon camera around St. Thomas that he frequented often in his earlier years with his mother (Sonja); of course not the same one from high school. Desmond; a self taught photographer started snapping photos every opportunity he received from dance events, church sermons, fundraisers, weddings, vacations, etc.

Dlores Photography was birthed from his encouraging grandmother who always told him, "Baby you ought to start charging people for your time, gift, and very well learned talent." He always laughed and said, "One day mom-mom.".  What many don't know Delores; Desmond's grandmother, experienced multiple optical surgeries which in time left her vision impaired but still able to see the images Desmond captures through his lens.  He said that this will be his life passion gift to the woman who has encouraged him through some of the best times of his life while being one of the cornerstones in his life.

Desmond named the company "D" "Lores" after his grandmothers childhood name "Lores" and added the "D" to represent the bond between the "Sugar Cookie"(his nickname for her) and "Chocolate Chip" (Her nickname for Him) duo sense his birth.

Desmond's vision is to inspire and capture every moment he can no matter the genre to ensure voices are heard through his digital influence. His clients often say his passion for others shows through his work. He believes life should be captured through and image so others can talk about it and bass in the moment of captured time. Life is but a vapor and we must cherish it daily; like Desmond cherishes each moment he has to spend with his family; Wife (Brittny), SON (Desmond II) , Mother (Sonja), his fatherly inspiration and grandfather (James) , and Marlee (the Model Dog) in the state of Texas. 

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Est. 1988

Est. 1988