Greg Daniels Studio Class

I had the opportunity to shoot with one of my favorite photographers in the Dallas metroplex a couple weeks ago. He taught a class on proper lighting for portrait and headshot work. His experience and expertise showed me that the time spent within the craft is never an over night achievement but with patience, proper training, and the artistic eye I can achieve the successes of others. The first lesson learned from Mr. Daniels was I should have bought a NIKON. lol .. a joke that we have been going back and forth on for some time now I still chuckle thinking because I have been a CANON man my entire life from every camera I have ever owned.  But with his expertise he was able to show me how to capture the same quality through my canon as he does with his nikon. We spent on average 3-4 hours together moving lights, and adjusting umbrellas', soft boxes, and paper to provide the perfect photos. Take a look at the imagery captured.  And people wonder why photographers charge the price we do.... because We too invest in our selves to ensure you receive high quality imagery!!! :)