Often times people think that they can pick up a camera and start snapping and hopefully make magic.... It's okay I thought the same thing once before until I started a business and realized its not that easy. "Preparation" is the word for today. The dictionary defines the word preparation by the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration.

I like to define it as developing a strategy to capture  "Vision".   When creating any still image it's always important to consult with a client and have the right conversation on determining what it is that they are looking for within there imagery. We often find ourselves as photographers building other people's brands while establishing ours. With that being said it is vital that we are prepared to capture it.  Not to mention many complain about how much a photographer charges, those that fail to prepare often times provide the quality to exemplify such. As a business owner our reputation is on the line. One failed project could tarnish our name while also causing us to work harder to build the trust again.  I can speak on my self by saying I invest a lot of time, energy and money daily making sure that my clients are the forefront of my mind. This is not just the clients I have but also the clients to come. While the industry is ever evolving its important to evolve with it. The adventure of learning new techniques and angles to capture is just the beginning. The history and the WHY behind an image is what also matters. As a photographer I have learned that my images should speak to a person with out having to introduce themselves. We are the creators of today that capture time with and with out color. We provide a service that many have tried and few have succeeded. We express our thoughts through our canon's and aim our focus on reaching the marked goals through companions. Build your brand the right way and place the energy needed to to create masterpieces that others will speak about one day.  Dlores Photography is here for the artist, the creators, those ready to build beyond  the average.