Troy Styles

Troy Styles is a recently new Fashion Blogger client that we have been working with a little over a month. While she is still at her grass root level. We have had the opportunity to create amazing work with her. LaTroya Peters came to us with a "Vision". She wanted us to help her build her portfolio of images while also guiding her through small steps of starting her business. LaTroya Peters; an island rooted, multi talented, driven entrepreneur, is dedicated to her clients but also to the craft. Although LaTroya is a Fashion coneseuer she also a great hair stylist and writer. She has placed those two skills on hold to dedicate more time to her most recent project. LaTroya spends countless hours researching fashion trends, and sends us constant suggestions on each look, dedicating her time to the industry. LaTroya's main goal is to become a high end stylist from the Dallas Fort Worth area.   Please take a look at some more of the most recent work we have provided to Troy Styles by Latroya Peters and become not just a viewer but a client/fan of her work.  In the next upcoming months her website will be released with prices of her services as well as behind the scene videos of how she styles and creates new ideas for clients. 

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