Dlores Photography + Erica Dawn Woodmore Fashion = Houston

Style is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak.
— Rachel Zoe

At 5am the pure adrenaline rush met me head on due to the overwhelming joy for a new journey that my sidekick (wife) and I were about to embark across foreign land (Houston) to. As many know I'm from Philly but reside in Dallas rarely never exploring anything "country" outside of Dallas unless it involves sunny beaches and blue waters. So the trip to Houston was more than just business but a site to see given many have raved about the awesome city and know that I do not do "ROAD TRIPS". My excitement was overflowing; however not just for the 3+ hour drive, but to also know that I would have the opportunity to witness and capture Erica Dawn Woodmore's first looks of her Fall/Winter 2015 collection entitled "Ziggurat" (Luxe Comfort) by way of CounterCulturePR (R'ymonda). 

If you don't know EDW Fashion you need to. Erica Dawn Woodmore's designs speak for themselves and once you meet the master mind behind the creativity just like your first love struck with music you simultaneously fall in love with her personality as well. She provides an aroma of excitement, fun, energetic poise that creates a comfortable platform to see, hear, and enjoy what she has to share with you.

This weekends adventure was pure organic from the graveyard of metal monsters across from the studio to the vibrating sounds illuminating from the speakers strategically placed through Select Studios.  The intimate obeisance made way for creativity to flow while capturing Erica's Art.  I look forward to what the future has to bring while journeying outside my comfort zone to express my view through the lens.

In all things treat life as if its your last knowing that you will never be able to repeat yesterday only imagining how much fun was had and laughter was shared while sharing coffee/tea the next morning.