Professor D @ Memphis NightClub

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to experience one of the hottest bands in Dallas known as Professor D. We wobbled, we salsa'ed, we sang really loud, and so much more through the early morning at the Memphis Night Club located in Addison, Texas. While the location is a small hidden gem it has great character.  Most of all Professor D put on not just a show but a great musical experience. So much so that when reflecting on the images my wife and I was singing ," I'ma wrestle me a Bear tunes (Push it by Salt and Pepper) to Happy (Pharrell)".  Now the question is did I just randomly stumble across this band? Of course not; as much as that would be a cool story to tell no. My cousin Jade German is on of the newest members to the band and she invited us out to her first show.

And let me tell ya. it was a show that you won't want to miss the next one. The groups diverse melodic tones and vibrations of acoustics creates a fun environment that you cant do anything but dance and sing with them. They have the moves to sweep you off your feet and the BAND!. OMG the Band is remarkable from the BOSS who plays the Keys, sings, and dances, the drummer who plays with his eyes closed and never misses a beat, to the Bass Guitarist who is as humble and cool as ice water on a hot summer day but ROCKS LIKE A ROCKSTAR. Professor D also has multi-talented members who play trumpets and saxophones. After doing a little research I found out that they travel across the states showing off there skills and talents for private parties, opening concerts, etc. They are not just your average BAND but they are THE BAND that I believe everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

For more information on how to book this great band go check out there website