You have made them a little lower than the angel and #Krouned them in glory and honor.

A dear friend of mine reached out and said, "Dez, I'm starting my blog and I need photos." Without thought my answer was YESSS of course while asking, "What's Your VISION?" She sent me one photo and I dang near fell from my chair out of excitement.

Kristen Marie a Poet, Follower of CHRIST only, Artist, EDUCATED, Black, Woman, Activist, LOVER is a perfect example to the generations before and after what success looks like. Kristen is an educated black woman who has proven her self through the college system Mastering in Public Health in Epidemiology. While she wears many hats she expresses her self by being comfortable in her skin for who she is. Her long curly red hair hides behind a scarf as she walks up. As normal greeting with a hug and DANG homie long time no see. We automatically begin to go down memory lane.  Her soft but bold voice rings melodic tones as we ride through Fort Worth catching up on old times discussing the theory of why our youth are lost and how music has taken a turn. As we talk and capture all I hear are poet thoughts singing through my mind. Her audience are those who are open to understanding and closed to being chained by the statistical darma of our society. Filled with anger of controversial acceptance and tired of those who are to lazy to take a stand.  While doing so we manage to save face and create visual ART capturing her "VISION" and recreating the word noun and replacing the "C" with a "K" in crown to "KROUN". Her soon to be released blog will touch on the industry as a whole from music, to faith, to refusing to compromise on the very utterance of belief. If you don't read anything you will have to follower Kristen because each Adjective, #Kroun and Verb that she writes will be a blessing to your soul clearing your "VISION" and blessing you with sight.