Healthy Veggie Me

The smells hit my nose as I turned the key and walked through the door of my grandparents house (Delores & James). The collard greens were boiling, the turkey was being cut, the mac and cheese was browning, and the sweet potatoes were sticking together with the help of the jumbo marshmellows. As I grabbed my rightful position on the couch and dug into the bowl of assorted nuts mixed with walnuts, pecans, and almonds I noticed there was this mountain in my way. This mountain didn't have a point. It didn't have a snow cap it just was round and wrapped with a Philadelphia Eagles shirt that stretched across it. I used it as a table and to my surprise it came in handy until my wife started to laugh and say, "Dez what are you doing? Is your stomach going to be your new table?" Before I knew it I quickly cleaned my mess and prepared for dinner. Carefully trying not to draw to much attention to my self. While in the bathroom I hit a few poses as if a swimsuit model, Vogue model, and just the "CLASSIC MAN" while all trying to keep my stomach sucked in, breath, and convince my self I wasn't FAT!  But I couldn't lie to my self anymore. I had hit my breaking point. I was tired of my shirts fitting like gloves when they were suppose to fit loosely. I was tired of my pants splitting and inner inseam wearing due to my legs rubbing together.

So as I sat down for dinner with my plate piled with heavenly goodness I cheerfully said, "AMEN" to the grace that was prayed over the food and dug in. Within minutes I was 25% done, 50% done and then about 30 Minutes I was approaching the clean up duty. I felt great.. at least I thought Idid until I was passed out on the couch and counting the cows jumping over the fence. I quickly woke up noticing that I had drifted but with a sluggish feeling. After my mother laughed with me about my moment of drifting she reminded me of a healthier lifestyle.

So I took it and bought into the Healthy Lifestyle Fad but this fad was a fad that was going to change my life for the better. This fad was going to test me, correct me, and make me love ME for ME. The name of the fad was Total Life Changes. This fad allowed me to see the proof through my cousins, aunts, and one my biggest role models my mother. As I quickly logged into my account I placed my order in for the HCG Drops, Iaso tea, Nutraburst, and NRG pills. Taken together was going to create this FAT ALBERT into a TANK (the Actor/singer). I started my journey December 1st. Fruits, protein, and leafy VEGGIES I was on my way to success. Within the first week I started to see the change 6 Lbs here 3 Lbs there by the 23rd of December I was wrapping up the first stage of the life change and I was down 25lbs solid. My body was looking better and I was feeling better. My energy levels were through the charts and I said this works! IT WORKS! Through out the 3 week process I committed my self to eating only what was on the recommended plan while also drinking plenty of water. I created a regime that later I found I would use as my guide. Now almost 60 days later I have lost a total of 32lbs; went from a size 42 pants toa 36 inseam, and now have encouraged my wife to eat healthier. So much so she introduced me to multiple vegan restaurants. Now I haven't jumped that deep off the deep in however we are thinking on opening the door to becoming vegetarians.

But why did I share this story? I shared this because like many others I struggled with a self identity issue and only spoke about it. I couldn't build the courage to do something about it until it was to late. It was after the countless embarrassments of seeing self portraits of what I had become. I encourage any an everyone today take control of yourself.

Make a choice to live healthy, be healthy, and most of make a total life change.

Desmond HuntComment