The creation of life was designed with dignity and grace. It was eloquently mastered through two parties becoming joined and constructing the perfect seed that would eventually grow to become a man/woman. We often read how man was created from dust and woman was created from man and the pain bearing birth that women would go through to push out the next generation.

Shooting maternity has become a joy to me because I am able to see the unthinkable. Often times my clients approach me around 3 or 4 months and I say let's wait till we can see the belly more. Not knowing how big the belly might grow or if there is one or two beautiful babies growing inside. But what I do know is through the 9 month process the woman will transform and her body will start telling her what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and so much more. Her body will be stretched and sometimes tested to where she may feel she can't go any further.  But through the process the mother and child do it together. That's a bond that no man can ever share with there child all they know is the woman's body is built like a super hero.

Timothy and Jade was a special couple because they are both musically inclined. The DNA strand that is en-grafted in baby Timothy German III will be far from amazing. I'm talking "BABY MUSICAL GENIUS"!  A father who can dance his fingers across black and white keys and literally create beautiful sounds through just about any instrument he puts his mind to and a mother who can sing at a high soprano to send chills down your spine or warm a cold room through her melodic tone. One can only imagine what little Timothy German III will learn to do. But what we all know is he is blessed. Blessed to be birthed with a couple that love each other and put there all in pleasing each other. Both Timothy and Jade laughed from the time we started till the time we finished. While it was cold outside the sun was shining and the glow was reflecting through each photo taken. We captured beautiful moments that I am sure they will cherish forever. I am excited to receive the great news that young Timothy David German III was born today February 9th, 2016 at 2:22pm. Help me congratulate this beautiful couple. We will pray for a speedy recovery of Jade and keep our eyes peeled at the billboard charts for TG3!