3:16 Collection

We had the opportunity to shoot with 3:16 Collection who is located in Stonebriar Mall.  3:16 collection is a Christian retailer specializing in sharing the cumulative message of salvation, not simply as an idea but as a lifestyle. We carry carefully curated apparel and other products that open hearts and uplift the human experience. Understanding that you wear a chance to reach someone by being your true, authentic self. A chance to effect change for the better-a chance to testify.

Shooting with this company created a new flame in our passion to capture the vision of others. While booking weddings is great, and capturing family portraits is amazing but to capture a brand that is effecting lives daily by words or graphics on a shirt is amazing. Jaylen; Owner of 3:16 Collection has become family to Dlores Photography because his passion to spread the gospel and change the lives of people. His love for people excites us and his story behind the brand will make you say YESSSSS!!! If you haven't yet take a stop by the store and see some of our work hanging in the store and purchase a shirt while saying Desmond from Dlores Photography sent me. 


Visit the website and order online at www.316collection.com