Coffee Talk Vol 2 - Intentional Communication

January was a great month. I set a goal to be more intentional on our personal contacts and connections with each of our clients, friends, and even random people that crossed our path.  Looking at the invoice books for the month of January inspired this blog post. "Intentional Communication" Communication can be defined as means of connection between people or places, in particularAs a photographer we have two forms of communication Photographic and Follow Up. Often times we do a great job with the photograph part but we struggle with the follow up. Whether it is a slow edit time or just sending over invoices, follow up emails, or minor corrections. Through out the years I noticed that I never set realistic expectations for my self and found my self bragging about how I was just making a deadline while in actuality I was stressing over something that was suppose to be fun.  As a business owner it important that we expand our forms of communication to be intentional with clear precise details on the expectation. I often tell  business owners the reason they have negative reviews or other companies receive negative reviews is rarely because the company performed poorly but mostly because the lack of details within the conversation.  For 2017 I created a list of goals that I am going to share with you guys while this isn't my entire personal list for the company here are a few that challenge me to be more intentional on how I communicate.

  1. 15 Regular Priced Weddings
  2. 30 Standard Package Photoshoots 
  3. 20 Senior Portrait Sessions 
  4. 5 Monthly Retainer Clients

This list is what I use to stay focused on my conversation and communication with my clients.  I find my self becoming complacent wanting business to come versus me going through self advertisement. I believe in old school grass root marketing. Contacting companies, venues, and even old clients to remind them that you are still doing business and services are bigger, better, and more intentional than ever. I encourage you to write a list of Goals that will help sharpen you to be more intentional and share them with us.. Lets grow together and Create better!! Your Vision Starts with You.