Dallas + Vision = EXPLORE LOCAL

Saturday my wife and I was awaken by the bright, beautiful, TEXAS HOT sun. As we wiped the crust out of our eyes we asked each other what we wanted to do that day.  As we normally do we checked bank accounts, scrolled through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. That's when it hit me. I said let's explore Dallas today. Let's enjoy the boutique shops, and eat at the visually quaint bakeries while also experiencing the city vibes. Yes, let's make it a date and explore the LOCALS. That's when I knew I was winning as a husband, because all my wife heard in all of that was let's go on a DATE and EXPLORE! We quickly jumped out of bed and was dressed in the matter of minutes and in the car headed on our adventure.

Of course CANON was sitting in the back seat waiting to capture the moments of the day. First stop JOY Macarons. We were headed to this small but BIG TASTEFUL macaroon bakery that I had been following for months on Instagram. Not knowing that as I zipped around corners, I would learn more about my wife; being a Dallas native and all, we were smiling and when we parked and walked through the doors. We were greeted with a rainbow of colors and the actual feeling of "JOY" filled our bodies. Smiling from cheek to cheek we quickly made our way to the counter and said,  "what's your favorite." As we selected a variety of six flavors and a cinnamon Ice cream Macaron paid and took photos we made our way next door to our next LOCAL also known as Set & Co. We browsed the store and found many urban chic additions that we could add to our home. While mixing the natural feel of the store with the organic chemistry of the store staff we laughed talked and even went down child hood memories of "not touching the cactus".  After finishing up with both locations we entered the city where Canon became active. We found our self on top of a roof capturing TACO LIBRE from the skyline and then walking the streets of main stopping at ice cream trucks, Iron Cactus, and finishing by looking at the sun set on our way home.

All in all support your local businesses. They are what provide the city character. They demonstrate the creativity to capture art through skills that they have learned whether technical skills or creative natural talents. We as a generation often stimulate our minds with the thoughts of music and social media forgetting that there is a world out there to explore and why not enjoy the LOCAL businesses that help set the large corporations apart. We all have been little fish in a big pond at one point in time in our life whether that was through birth or in our industrial careers. Help make a little fish swim with the big fish while still being able to enjoy and control there "VISION."

Dlores Photography is based on Vision. I developed this company due to the loss of "VISION" and I intend on helping bring others VISION come alive through our lens.