Heat + Malieka = Success


Through sales we are told the CUSTOMER is always right. Welp yes my client/inspiring model Malieka sent me a request saying,"Hey, I would like to book a shoot at 12pm Central time in TEXAS summer."  My first thought was she was crazy and the photos would come out trash because they would be over exposed by the SCORCHING sun if it didn't melt the camera and us both first. I replied saying lets do 2pm as if that was any better. Well while half my thought was close because we sweated half of our water weight out the photos came out FAR from horrible but instead Fabulous. Malieka was a silent pro who made shooting in 103 degree climates cool like ice. We did a total of 3 looks and managed to shoot within a given 1 hr and 1/2 time slot. She was focused and ready to go. As prepared days before she followed each direction I had given her, clean nails, bring brush, outfits ironed and easily accessible, makeup light because we are shooting in harsh conditions aiming for vintage and trendy. To top it all off She post 1 photo and in the matter of an hours time span received of 400 responses of how great the photo looked via Likes. Never the less Malieka is a force to be reckoned with that I am honored to capture her "VISION" and travel the journey of her modeling career.  Her heart is pure and personality is genuine. Through the heat we had nothing but laughter and smiles. Take a look at more photos from our shoot and share further more.