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It all started when...

The leaves turned from green, to orange, to twigs soon waiting to be filled with snow.

It all started when ...

The air was crisp and the aroma of your cooking could be smelled through any window.

It all started When... 

The camera would flash and the laughs would last. It started but now it is just a memory that will always be cherished. 

A note to my beloved Grandmother. Delores.

Mom Mom,

Time came and went. 27 years never felt so fast. I miss you daily and still struggle on the statement you would leave with me.. LIVE.. how am I to live when you were my inspiration? My courage to drive. My common ground even in my wrong.  Mom-mom you were my up when I was down and my smile when all I wanted to do was wear a frown. Mom-mom i miss you. I miss your hugs and your kisses, your laughter and your singing. But I'm trying to LIVE. as you told me to. As you were aware prior to your departure. I have a son now. His name is Desmond II aka Double Chocolate Chip. Your granddaughter is doing well she is taking care of the both  of us while keeping us all in line.Your daughter aka MY MOMMA is following strong in your foot steps loving him to the moon and back. While spoiling him rotten. Your son .. well he misses you like we all do but he is standing strong and holding on. Still bowling and hitting strike after strike. Your husband, my grandpappy , well he is being "brotha" as you would call him back in the day. Still laughing, singing, encouraging us all daily. Not to mention "watching what he eats" while sneaking his favorite snacks when we aren't looking. Pop- pop and Little Desmond have a Bond like no other. They laugh together and play together and even take naps together. Its the cutest thing. Your sisters (my aunts) have been amazing, between seeing them on Facebook and hearing them ever so often it really gives me the presence of you. And me.. well me .. I'm doing just what I told you I would do... I'm Living.. missing you daily but I'm Living...Driving our business to greater success and Living... Trying to be the best parent I can be.. and Living..  trying to be the best husband that you taught me to be ... and Living.. fearing God while rejoicing.. and Living..I'm living just like you to see the pearly gates and pathed streets of gold. Practicing patience and trying to die daily to my flesh so that the Lord might be pleased. I'm Living so that one day.. just one day we will meet again. but until then.. I'm Living.

I love you Mom-Mom!!

Love ,

Chocolate Chip