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Use a Picture it’s worth a Thousand words
— Arthur Brisbane, 1911
Photo:Arthur Brisbane ; Wikipedia

Photo:Arthur Brisbane ; Wikipedia

Reality has morphed into hues that have changed with the test of time

In the paradigm of my alternating lenses, I hold history in my hands

I cleanse the conscious and convict the condemned in a flash

Standing unabashed and still

The thrill of capturing seconds in a snap taps into the

Mystical beauty of my magic


Ever evolving, my purpose pervades every aspect of life

The love of vanity, humble and haughty, intertwine into one definition

One intention, to pay homage to those who are mentioned

And those who have not been

Given the chance to give a face to a name

Your thoughts I frame, spark debates untamed

And remain as simply complex as the day itself


If pictures paint a thousand words, my stanzas stand on the brims of ancient libraries

Containing stories untold unfolded in one breath

Uncover future urban legends seeped deep beneath my ink

I reflect generations of observations visible to naked eye

Expose me to the light and I shall show you my truth



Poetry Written by one of my Closet Friends: Alexandria "Chillz"

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Instagram and Twitter: Mizzchill_365

Writers Thought: I want to bring light on Alexandria's thought when writing this poem and providing a title. She stated the following, "Arthur Brisbane is credited with coming with the phrase "A Picture is worth a thousand words" in a news paper article he wrote. Knews plays off of "news". But you also kinda want to say "Knows" hinting towards he knew there was truth in his statement that would stand for the test of time. News is how we connect to the rest of th world. Photogrpahys does that in the best way. Without photos we don't have accurate depiction of who we are, what we are, where we are etc."